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  • Ball Mount Lock 3/4
  • Ball Mount Lock 3/4
  • Ball Mount Lock 3/4
  • Ball Mount Lock 3/4
  • Ball Mount Lock 3/4
  • Ball Mount Lock 3/4
  • Ball Mount Lock 3/4
  • Ball Mount Lock 3/4
  • Ball Mount Lock 3/4
  • Ball Mount Lock 3/4
  • Ball Mount Lock 3/4
  • Ball Mount Lock 3/4

Ball Mount Lock 3/4"Pin-Model BML2 (Hyper Hitches 200 Series Compatible)

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Model BML2 (2 keys included)

This is one of our most requested items! We are now producing the most secure solution for locking your ball mount to your hitch!

Model BML2 was designed to fit our Hyper Hitch 200 Series hitch line. That would be our hitch Models S250, M255 & A200. We are additionally offering a choice of lock body material (Blue/Black Aluminum or Stainless) and choice of lock core (Cobra 7 or Proven Disc Detainer). Model BML2 comes standard with a stainless steel pin!

Now you are able to Key Alike all of your locks! We have designed this lock with a nice rubber cap that fully encases the head of the lock in order to protect the lock from weather and road grime. This will help the lock work every time with proper regular maintenance.


  • 3/4" Standard 303 Stainless Steel Pin
  • Compatible with our 200 Series Hyper Hitches (Models S250, M255 & A200)
  • Standard Cobra 7 Lock Core
  • 100% Made in USA!
  • Made in USA by a family manufacturer hiring veterans. We have the best customer support! All orders placed before 2pm EST ship the same day!

      Lock Core

      Cobra 7 (Standard Aluminum)

      The Cobra 7 is a patented key system that was developed for the high-security needs in the vending industries. The COBRA tubular keyway is like no other with its 7 sided tubular keyway, this unique feature stops anyone from going to a hardware store to copy your key. This product offers a high-security solution for those that are looking for excellent exterior performance. COBRA 7 comes standard in all of our products at no additional cost.


      The Cobra 7 system is geared for the business owner looking for a great performing lock system at an affordable price with key control.


      We manufacture all of our products using domestic alloy carbon steels, stainless steels, and aluminum alloys. We utilize our in-house automated CNC equipment and robotic weld cells to ensure repeated quality.

      Made In the Usa

      same day shipping

      Lifetime warranty

      Military Grade