Our Story

At Hyper Hitches, the vision for our products stem from an unfortunate and costly personal experience.

While towing heavy and expensive equipment on a highway out of our home state, a hitch failure caused a potentially fatal accident that resulted in damages in excess of $50,000 dollars! This incident opened our eyes and sparked a desire to design, develop and manufacture hitch systems with design characteristics and materials that far surpass those being used in current applications! Through rigorous testing, we have demonstrated that our product designs and material compositions have resulted in industry-leading products that cannot be matched.

Our Hitches

At Hyper Hitches LLC, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the most effective products available on the market. For each of our product lines, we invest an extensive amount of time into research and development of our hitch systems. This type of commitment is mandatory in order to achieve the best fitment and functionality.

Made in the USA

We pride ourselves in manufacturing our products in America! This serves more of a purpose than just keeping it in our country. By doing so, we are able to ensure more control over the development and delivery of our products to our consumers. Many manufactured products from other countries are made there in order to make production as cheap as possible. In addition, products manufactured overseas often utilize the cheapest materials available. This is not a recipe for success when designing and building trailer hitches and products alike. Don’t sell yourself short on purchasing a trailer hitch manufactured out of cheap materials to save a few bucks. We manufacture all of our products with the intention of delivering all of your expensive assets to where you intended them to go!

Owned and

We are a family owned and operated company. We do not have board members directing us to produce a cheaper made product in order to increase the bottom line. This allows us to continue building the most effective products in the industry. Being family owned and operated has been one of our biggest contributions to our success. We have been able to build relationships with all of our customers ranging from our distributors to the individual customer. We are always here to help answer any questions you may have!